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A New Arrival

Personal • 17th August 2010

At 17:42 (that’s 5:42pm to you non 24h clock people) on the 2nd of August 2010 I was privileged to introduce to the world my son, Haydn Taylor Glavin.
Weighing in at 7lbs 15oz, all bits intact and a very healthy pair of lungs.

I’m so proud of my wife, Cassandra, who by following the Hypnobirthing method managed to go through the entire labour without pain relief.
She woke up this morning (7:30am ish) with surges (contractions) approximately 4 minutes apart, the birthing pool was filled at 14:30 (2:30) and 3 hours and 12 minutes later in our front room we met our son for the first time.

Here are some photographs from the day!

Inflating the pool
Inflating the Birthing Pool

Filling the pool
Filling the Birthing Pool
Checking the temperature
Checking the temperature

Need to time contractions? There’s an app for that….
There's an iPhone app for everything!

Breathing through the contraction
Breathing through the contraction

Holding on tight (at least it wasn’t my hand)
Gripping tightly to the pool

The star of the show Haydn Taylor Glavin
The star of the show

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  1. How beautiful. Your wife sounds and amazing women if she had no form of pain-relief at all!!! I recently witnessed the birth of my grandson, Dante, but my daughter had everything going! Love your first tender pic of your son. I was sadly banned from taking photos as last time got a Benetton moment when my granddaughter appeared…Your wedding photos are really spectacular too – extremely well processed for colour and contrasts/highlights etc. too on your whole wedding sample. Must have taken you ages! xx Elaine

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Last weekend had Cassandra and I at Baby Premier in Windsor for a 4D scan.

After a bit of protesting from my dear wife I was allowed to bring a camera with me although this has got her a little worried with what is going to happen at the birth!

The whole event was pretty amazing, being able to see what our little Doodle (long story and I think it’ll be stuck with it for life!)  looked like and seeing what it was doing was just unreal, it’s something I’d really recommend. Obviously you are at the mercy of your little one as some decide not to play ball when they are being scanned, we were one of the lucky ones on the day!

Here are a few shots from the day and some of the 4D scan pics.

Ultrasound doohicky squishing in for a better look

You are live on TV!

Shiny Buttons

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