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As a photographer you always have to look for areas of inspiration that enable you to bring new ideas to your photography. A photographer that I have always followed since finding his work is Jerry Ghionis.
I’ve used his pickpockets for reference and have a number of his dvds so when I saw that he was holding a 5 day seminar in London it really was a no brainer. I just had to go, no matter the cost!

A month on and I’m still trying to take in all of the information, I find it amazing that the little things that Jerry said have me looking at things in such a different way. I’ve always been a people watcher, I could spend hours just watching the world go by but now I find myself looking at someone and thinking “if only they would tilt their head a bit to the left, raise their chin.” You spot ways of helping people to look their best, I do find I’m getting some weird looks now!

Films, TV shows, Adverts, Magazines all become a research tool, different poses, ideas, inspiration is all around and it’s amazing how those five days have changed my perception.

Any photographer considering to taking a Jerry Ghionis course really should stop considering it and book!

No blog post is really complete without images, here are a couple of my favorites that I took during my model session.

Sitting by the window

Relaxing on the bed

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  1. e.j. says:

    beautiful model and these turned out great!

    i really like the light quality…
    can you share your lighting setup here.. esp. for the 2nd one?


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